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Card Security Reminder

Posted in Security
Updated October 15, 2018 7:27 PM
Fraud Prevention

Security Reminder: We’ll never ask you for your card’s expiration date or 3-digit code.

Corning Credit Union will never call and ask you to provide confidential information to verify your identity or your credit or debit card activity.  Even if a call looks like it’s coming from CCU, know that we’ll never ask you for your card’s expiration date or 3-digit code once you’ve activated the card.

If we ever suspect fraudulent activity may have occurred on your card, our  Visa Fraud Prevention Service may call regarding these suspicious transactions. However, this service will never prompt you to enter or state your card number, 3-digit code on the back of your card, expiration date, PIN, or member account number.


Helpful Holiday Shopping Tips

Posted in Tips
Updated November 19, 2018 1:50 PM
Shopping Tips

  1. Look for ways to save money when you are holiday shopping. Many retailers have coupons available for additional savings. Think about using your CCU Visa Signature® Rewards+ credit card1 and earn points on the purchases you are planning on making anyway. Pay off your balance at the end of the month to avoid paying interest! Don’t have a CCU credit card? Learn about our credit card options here.
  2. Do not go into stores unprepared and fall into the trap of impulse buying. Write down a plan of action in each store you visit so you don’t end up buying extra items.
  3. Try to make your holiday purchases throughout the year so you don’t have to put a strain on your budget during the holidays. You may want to consider a CCU Holiday Club Account and save throughout the year.
  4. Take a quick look at the interest rate you are paying on your auto loan financed at another financial institution. By refinancing your auto loan with us, you may be able to obtain a better interest rate which will save you money and you will not have to make a loan payment for 3 months2 giving you money in your pocket in time for the holidays!
  5. Shop local if you can, but if you cannot find what you are looking for and need to go online, there are some things you should think about.
    - Make sure you know the total price – including shipping and handling – before you make your purchase.
    - Check online coupon sites for additional savings with online retailers.
    - If you are making purchases for out-of-town people, consider shipping directly to them.
    - Don’t wait until the last minute to shop online.
  6. Set a budget! Take the money you have remaining after paying monthly bills and assign a dollar amount to each person you plan to buy for. This will help you avoid overspending. Interested in a debt-free way to add some extra cash to your holiday budget? Consider taking advantage of CCU’s Skip-a-Payment on select loans3. Just a $25 processing fee is all it takes to skip your auto or personal loan payment for one month.

1 Membership eligibility required. All accounts verified through ChexSystems. Approval for financing is subject to lending guidelines and credit qualifications. The rate you receive is determined by your credit history. Rewards available on Visa Signature Rewards+ and Visa® Platinum Rewards cards only. Rewards not applicable to Visa Traditional card. Points are not earned for cash advances, traveler’s check purchases and balance transfers, unauthorized charges, finance charges, or fees (such as a late fee or ATM fee). This list is subject to change. Points can be redeemed for cash based on our redemption schedule. 2 Approval for financing is subject to lending guidelines and credit qualifications. Must be a refinance from another institution. The rate you receive is based on your credit history, model year, and term. An example of a monthly payment for a fixed-rate auto loan of $10,000 at 2.24% Annual Percentage Rate for 36 months would be approximately $288. You may select your payment date on any day of the month. However, interest begins to accrue at the date the loan is opened. Offer excludes Visa, personal, student, and home equity loans. Some restrictions apply. Cannot be combined with any other offer. 3 Membership eligibility required. Other restrictions may apply. Skip-a-Payment requests are based on approval criteria established by CCU. Limit of one skipped payment per eligible loan on a 12-month rolling calendar basis. All CCU loans must be current for requests to be approved and processed. Acceptance of this offer will extend the term and interest of the loan and finance charges will continue to accrue. GAP or Mechanical Repair Coverage will not be extended with Skip-a-Payment. This service is subject to change without notice. Examples of non-eligible loans include: Visa, student loans, home equity, mortgage loans, construction loans, business loans, and auto leases.