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Member Testimonials

Our members are among our most precious assets, and we work hard to be sure that they are happy with the quality of our products and services, and with their interactions with the CCU team.

We strive to deliver quality, convenient, knowledgeable service to all who seek our assistance, and we are pleased that some of our members have agreed to share comments about their experiences.

Member Testimonials

Isaaca Elmore

“I opened my first account and it was fun to open. CCU was very helpful and everything I needed to know was explained to me. I am so happy to be a member!”

Concetta Castellana

"Actually, my son is President and CEO of a credit union in Albany, but I have been loyal to CCU. I do have a small account with his credit union to keep him happy!”

Fred and Mary Dyer

"We called and applied for a loan in the morning. It was approved and we had our check before noon on the same day. You can't get better service than that. We were so elated that CCU helped us get out of a high interest situation and into a lower one that we could handle better. Thanks so much. May God Bless you for being so good to us."

Alexis Roberts

"I don’t know exactly how long I've had this account, but NEVER have you failed me. I am so grateful for the wonderful, competent, cordial customer service you provide. Whether it is at the counter, or over the 800 number, you are always there. Even during the weekend, when members might think they were totally alone, CCU is there to assist.

It is amazing how you are always improving and accommodating the customer's needs. I am ever so pleased to have you as my banking system. Thanks to all."

Tim Fraser

"I have lived in Florida for 12 years and have never found a financial institution that comes close to the great service, products and people at CCU."

Ray Caparuso

"You have the most outstanding and professional team I have ever encountered. It's an absolute pleasure to work with them. I couldn't be happier!"

Tom Lando

"CCU goes above and beyond providing excellent customer service. When I think about a vehicle change, I always consult CCU for their expertise in the automotive/financial industry and will recommend CCU to friends and family."

Meet our Business Members

George Martinec

Owner/President of Martinec Building & Remodeling
Big Flats, NY

"I believe that the greatest asset to a credit union is that it is owned by its members. It has strong local roots and community ties. It is more responsive compared with large national banks, which are very difficult to work with. Quick, straight-forward access to loans and credit is essential. That access can have a huge impact on my business and employees. We’ve been able to expand our business with loans and a line of credit we received through the Corning Credit Union. That adds a lot of security during this time of recession, when we need to keep our business open and our employees and families working and earning. Our relationship with the Corning Credit Union remains a very positive one, largely because the credit union really works hard to establish and maintain that relationship. Business owners really respond to that. The rapport the credit union cultivates with its small business owners facilitates our financial business dealings."

Elaine Walker

Owner of Happy Tails Day Care & Pet Resort
Corning, NY

"Three years ago, Corning Credit Union provided me with a business loan to launch Happy Tails Day Care & Pet Resort. Unlike other financial institutions I spoke with, they understood my business idea and its potential. The Business Services team is knowledgeable, helpful, friendly, and attentive. Their inclusive business services meet my current needs and will support future business growth, too. That’s why Corning Credit Union is my primary financial institution — the one my business will grow with."

William Cavaluzzi

President of Cavaco Management Group, Inc.
Horseheads, NY

"As a member of the Corning Federal Credit Union and an accountant, I meet with many clients who need business financing. Corning Credit Union works well with people and their representatives have a great attitude. They're very easy to work with. When people need loans, they often need a swift response. Banks have time-consuming application and approval processes that are difficult for people to navigate. But CCU moves quickly and smoothly to help businesses with financing."

William Allard

BilDan Precision Manufacturing, Inc.
Elmira Heights, NY

"As a Credit Union Member, I like the fact that Corning Credit Union is local and that when I work with them, our money stays in the community. There’s also a nice, small-town bank feel when I work with the credit union. I can talk with representatives anytime I want to, the rates are competitive, and the service is always excellent. As we continue to grow, we’ll want to keep using Corning Credit Union."

Scott Austin

Owner of Imaginative Manufacturing
Painted Post, NY

"Before we became members of the Corning Federal Credit Union, banks held us hostage. Traditional banks dragged out the loan decision-making process for lending additional money and charged outrageous interest rates. They would not lower the rates, regardless of our repayment history. We need financial institutions that will work with us and not just use our company for large financial gains and drain us. It is critical that small businesses have access to financial capital to grow and survive in this strained economy. Corning Federal Credit Union cares about their members, community and partners. We need financial institutions that are not just about profits, but people."