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High School

Student and her computer

In high school? Have a high school student? Check out what CCU has to offer that can help students save and learn to manage money wisely.


Perhaps you want to be a millionaire by the time you’re 30. Maybe you’re saving up for college, a car, a business, or the future. Whatever your plans are, you know that you have to save your money to buy the stuff you need and want. We can help you make that pile of cash grow faster and keep it safe and sound until you need it with a Share Savings or All Purpose Savings account.


When it comes time to use your money, you need checking access. We have something for that as well: All Axcess Checking and X-treme Checking accounts. You’ll want to get off to a good start by learning the right way to manage your checking account. So take a few minutes to work through FoolProof® Solo or FoolProof for Parents to sharpen your skills on handling checking accounts, debit cards, and credit.

You Ask, We Answer

Hit us with your money-related questions anytime, by phone, email, or Facebook. One of our money experts will send you an answer.

Staying Connected

You’re smart, busy and on the go, so technology is your connection to the world. We have mobile apps for that. And with Digital Banking, you can access your account any time on the web or on your smartphone.

Minor Details

If you are under the age of 18, a parent or guardian must be on your account with you. Once the account(s) request is made by a parent or guardian and approved by CCU, you’re in charge. And when you reach your 18th birthday, your signature is all that’s needed to update your account to an individual one, in your name alone.

Go For It

Saving and learning to manage money wisely now will help you be smarter, richer, and more responsible with money in the future, so go for it, and know that CCU will be there to help you save, learn, and reach your goals.

Click on the links below for information about the products we have available especially for high school students.

Money Matters

Learning about managing money but it can be fun and easy when you use CCU’s free online tools. Whether you are opening up your first account, want tips about shopping online safely, or are preparing to join the working world for the first time, StraightTalk® Teens, our online newsletter, and FoolProof® Solo or FoolProof®Fast Facts programs can help you with valuable information you can put to use right away. StraightTalk® Teens and FoolProof offer clear, simple tips on how to earn more, manage money better, and be a smarter consumer. There are also online finance classes that explain savings goals, offer budgeting how-to’s and tips, help you understand credit, and cover how to keep your accounts secure. Just click on a topic that interests you, and let people who’ve “been there, done that” help you avoid making awful money mistakes.