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Fraud Prevention

Credit card resting on a keyboard

Take the worry out of plastic card fraud.

CCU’s 24/7 Fraud Prevention Service enables us to detect unusual activity on your Visa credit or debit (CU-Extra®, X-treme or ATM) card. If it detects suspicious transactions, a specialist from Fraud Prevention Services will contact you.

Please be aware, in the event a fraud specialist is unable to reach you, there is the potential that a block may be placed on your card. This block is a proactive effort to prevent unauthorized card use. If you experience a block or a decline, call Corning Credit Union for assistance. Visa’s Zero Liability Policy protects you from unauthorized use of your Visa® credit or debit card when you notify us of the fraudulent charges.

If you suspect fraud, if your card has been lost or stolen, call CCU’s Fraud Prevention Services at 800-677-8506.

What can you do?

  • Keep your contact information current by notifying us of any changes or updating your information in Digital Banking.
  • Let us know if you will be traveling. CCU is diligently on the lookout for suspicious activity. By letting us know in advance that you’ll be traveling, your card services won’t be disrupted while you’re away.
  • Contact us immediately if you believe your Visa credit or debit (CU-Extra, X-treme or ATM) card or PIN has been lost or stolen.
  • Always sign the back of your cards upon receiving them.
  • Regularly review your statement(s) for unauthorized transactions and contact CCU immediately if you discover fraudulent activity.
    • Sign up for Alerts. You can find a link to Visa Purchase Alerts from the ‘Quick Links’ section of your Dashboard after logging into digital banking.

      Please note: You may still receive a call from a fraud specialist to verify activity on your CCU credit or debit cards.

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