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Unsupported Browsers & Operating Systems

Security risks are always evolving.  At CCU, this means that the security measures we take to protect your personal information must progress even faster.

Restricting unsupported browsers and operating systems

Beginning in February, we will notify you if you access eBranch, our mobile app, or the CCU website from an outdated browser and/or operating system. If your browser (Internet Explorer®, Google Chrome™, etc.) or operating system (Windows®, Apple®, etc.) is outdated, we will let you know via a pop-up on our website (if you are logging into eBranch) or an email (for the mobile app) and ask you to update.

Why is it important to update?

According to Kyle and Keith from our Information Security team, “Just like maintaining your personal health to fight off illness, keeping the software on your computer and mobile devices up-to-date is important for protection from the hazards and threats found on the Internet. Older web browsers have software bugs and flaws that hackers can use to compromise your computer and potentially get access to your personal information. Keeping up with software patches, including the web browser, is like getting routine vaccinations that prevent diseases.”

We recommend updating your browser and/or operating system as soon as possible if we notify you that an update is required. In March, we will no longer allow access to our website or mobile app from these unsecure systems.

We can help by letting you know which version you’re using and if an update is required. Just click here.