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Transferring Your Money

Find the Best Option for You

Transferring Funds Inside CCU

Transfer Option Description Accessibility
Cross Member Transfer Members with multiple CCU accounts can transfer money between accounts and gain immediate access to the funds. In a branch, Phone, Online Banking, Mobile App, D.A.D
Transfer to Any Member Members can easily transfer funds to other CCU member accounts. In a branch, Phone, Online Banking, Mobile App, D.A.D

Transferring Funds Outside CCU

Transfer Option Description Accessibility
ACH Origination Set up reccuring automatic payments from another financial institution to CCU accounts and/or loans or from CCU to another financial institution account.1 In a branch, Phone
Bank Wires Members can receive or send money within the U.S. or internationally quickly and securely with this transfer method.1 In a branch, Phone
External Funds Transfer Members can transfer money to or from a CCU checking or savings account to accounts at other U.S. financial institutions. Members may also transfer money from other U.S. financial institutions to pay CCU loans.2 Online Banking, Mobile App
Loan Payment Center Members can make payments to their CCU loan(s), CCU checking, or CCU savings from a savings or checking account at another financial institution or with a non-CCU debit card, through the Loan Payment Center.3 Phone, CCU Website

1 Please refer to our fee schedule for current Outgoing wire transfer fees.

2 Please review full details concerning terms and conditions, limits and exceptions under the Financial Institution Transfer Terms and Conditions.

3 To use the Loan Payment Center, you must have an open loan and be a member in good standing. Please review the full details concerning the terms and conditions of use when you access the service. Refer to our fee schedule for current Payment Center fees. Payments to CCU mortgage loans cannot be made through the Loan Payment Center. To make a mortgage payment, first transfer the funds from your other financial institution to your CCU savings or checking account using the Loan Payment Center. Then transfer the funds to your mortgage in Digital Banking.