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Although we have to be socially-distanced right now, we are still here for you. If you’re experiencing financial hardships due to the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic, we offer a variety of helpful resources, and our Member Assistance Program is free and confidential. Together, we can work through your financial situation and determine the options available to you based on your unique circumstances. 

If there’s one thing we’ve learned over the past few months, it’s that we’re stronger together. Now, let’s move forward together.

Assistance for our Members

We know this pandemic has affected everyone, and many are facing financial hardships. Please know that we are always here for you. Here's what we're doing to help:  

  • Skip-A-Payment*. With CCU’s Skip-A-Pay option, you can keep extra cash in your pocket by skipping a payment on select loans.1 Requests can be made 24/7 within online banking and our mobile app. Learn more here.

  • Loan Payment Deferrals*. Members needing additional assistance are eligible for loan payment deferrals2. If you’re experiencing a financial hardship or anticipate one in the future, please contact us to see if you’re eligible, and then we’ll work to determine the best option for you. 
  • Debt Consolidation. Call us to learn how we can help consolidate or restructure other debt you may have to help lower your monthly payments.

  • Unsecured Home Improvement Loan. We understand this may be a challenging time to begin or even complete a home improvement project, but when you're ready, we’re here to help. Our unsecured home improvement loan is a great option if you're looking to make home improvements but don't have substantial equity in your home. Unlike Home Equity loans, this loan option allows you to borrow up to $25,000 for home improvement projects without needing to borrow against your home. Learn more.

  • Refinance your mortgage. Interest rates are at historic lows, which means you have more options than ever to refinance your existing debt from other lenders. Refinancing can help lower your monthly payments by reducing your interest rates.

  • Refinance your auto loan from another lender and receive 0.00% APR** and no payments for 3 monthsCall us to learn how we can help.

Assistance for our Business Members

We're also working with existing business members, helping them understand their options for existing or new loans. As an SBA lender, we stand ready to advise our business members on the Coronavirus Aid, Relief, and Economic Security (CARES) Act, which established temporary Small Business Administration (SBA) programs to assist small businesses, including:

Please contact us for assistance. To ensure we're able to best assist our existing members, we are currently not accepting new business member applications.

Accessing Your Account

Federally Insured by NCUA. Membership eligibility required. *Limited time offer. Approval for financing is subject to lending guidelines and credit qualifications. **APR means annual percentage rate. 

1Skip-a-Payment requests are based on approval criteria established by CCU. Limit of one skipped payment per eligible loan on a 6-month rolling calendar basis. Not available on personal lines of credit. The fee of $25.00 per loan is a FINANCE CHARGE and will be deducted from a share checking or share savings account for this service at the time this request is processed. All CCU loans must be current for requests to be approved and processed. Acceptance of this offer will extend the term of the loan and INTEREST and FINANCE CHARGES will continue to accrue. This service is subject to change without notice. If you elected GAP coverage, the coverage will not extend beyond the original maturity date and the benefit may be reduced by the amount of the payment skipped. If applicable, credit life and/or disability insurance premiums will continue to add to your loan balance. Examples of non-eligible loans include: Visa®, student loans, home equity loans, mortgage loans, construction loans, business loans, and auto leases. 

2Not available on credit card loans.

3Your rate will be increased after 3 months to a rate that will be determined based on your credit history, model year, and term. The APR on the loan after 3 months will be between 2.24% and 14.74% for the remaining term of the loan. Introductory rate does not apply to advances for CCU Member Protection. You may select your payment date on any day of the month. However, interest begins to accrue 3 months after the loan open date, on the same day of the month. An example of a monthly payment for an auto loan of $10,000 at 2.24% APR for 36 months would be approximately $288.00. Offer excludes Visa®, personal, student, and home equity loans. Some restrictions apply. Cannot be combined with any other offer.