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Credit Score powered by SavvyMoney®

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Free credit reporting and monitoring, available at your fingertips!

It should be easy to access your credit score, and we’ve got your back. Our credit reporting and monitoring tool, Credit Score powered by SavvyMoney® (Credit Score), gives you direct access to your current credit score, anywhere and anytime through digital banking.

Now it’s easier than ever to learn your current credit score and what you can do to impact your score. Get your latest report, understand the key factors that impact the score, and see the most up-to-date offers that may help reduce your interest costs.

Credit Score also monitors your credit report daily and notifies you if there are any big changes detected, such as a new account being opened, a change in address or employment, a reported delinquency, or a credit inquiry. Monitoring is also a great way to help you keep an eye out for identity theft.

Not only will you have free, ongoing access to your credit report, but you’ll also receive a personalized analysis of each component of your credit score and access to educational articles and videos to help you master your credit score.

So let’s get started!

  1. LOGIN to your digital banking account online or on your mobile device.
  2. NAVIGATE to the Credit Score widget on your dashboard or in the menu in your app.
  3. ENROLL and start taking control of your credit!

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Who is eligible for Credit Score?
A: Any member who is registered for CCU’s Digital Banking service and has a Social Security Number can use Credit Score. Business and Solar accounts are not eligible.

Q: How do I enroll in Credit Score?
A: You can enroll by visiting the Credit Score widget on Digital Banking – available online and in our mobile app. Select “Show my Score,” accept the terms and conditions, and begin taking control of your Credit Score!  

Q: Will checking my credit score impact my credit?
A: Credit Score is a “soft” credit check, which means the information gathered doesn’t report as a credit inquiry and won’t impact your credit score. 

Q: How often will my credit scores be updated?
A: Your credit scores will automatically update every 30 days, and you will receive email communications once your score has been updated. You can also refresh your score and full credit report every 24-hours by simply clicking “Refresh Score” within the detailed Credit Score dashboard. 

Q: Why does my Credit Score number differ from other credit reporting/credit monitoring services? 
A: VantageScore (which Credit Score uses) and FICO credit-scoring models use data obtained from consumer credit reports to generate credit scores. VantageScore groups credit information into six categories, each with a different influence on your score. FICO uses five categories which each represent a percentage of your score. It’s important to note, scores can vary due to a number of factors regardless of the scoring model used. All financial institutions use different bureaus and scoring models which weigh credit factors differently.

Q: Will CCU use Credit Score to make loan decisions?
A: No. CCU uses its own lending criteria when making final loan decisions. Credit Score is meant to be an educational and informational tool to serve as a guide in your financial wellness planning.

Q: Are the loan offers listed within Credit Score firm offers of credit?
A: No. CCU uses its own lending criteria when making final loan decisions, which includes an application process and updated credit bureau reporting. Please note, although Credit Score displays credit information to review and track, an application is required and a formal credit inquiry will be completed at that time.

Q: How can I take advantage of the offers listed?
A: Start the loan process by selecting the “Apply Now” option displayed within the feature. 

Q: If my credit report is frozen, will my report be visible through Credit Score?
A: No, if you have a credit freeze, your score will not be retrieved.