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Online Banking Update

A new way to navigate online banking is coming your way on April 7! We’re rolling out an updated layout to help make managing your accounts even more convenient. 

This update will only affect online banking; mobile banking navigation will not change at this time.

What to Expect
The current navigation bar located on the left-hand side of your dashboard is moving to the top of your screen, but don’t worry! The tools and features you use today aren’t going away, they’ll just be located under the key categories in the top navigation. To access them, simply hover over each section to view the drop-down options! 

This change is designed to create a greater ease of use and resemble the experience you may have on other platforms and websites. 

Navigation Breakdown
Depending on what type of accounts you have with CCU, you may see the following:


  • Accounts. Review and manage your accounts, make deposits, check eDocuments, and more.
  • Transfer & Pay. Make transfers, pay bills, or skip payments.
  • Financial Planning. Determine budgets and discover financial wellness by setting savings goals and monitoring your spending.
  • Tools. Review settings, manage alerts, connect with CCU, and more to enhance your banking experience.