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Parents & Educators

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Whether you need easily accessible online resources, on-site presentations or speakers, or a tailored program, we can help!

Resources for Parents & Educators

CCU goes all out to help parents and teachers provide financial literacy and business skills education to children and students of all ages. If you’re already a CCU member, then you know how strongly we feel about making financial literacy opportunities available to everyone. If you are new to CCU, we invite you to explore the many financial education options we offer.

FoolProof® for High Schools

FoolProof for High Schools is a turn-key, modular, web-based program for classroom use. CCU team members will kick-off your program with a classroom visit to get everyone excited to participate. The program includes up to 15 hours of online, video-driven, self-grading financial literacy instruction. And young people do all the teaching. FoolProof offers seven basic modules, plus an eighth module which immerses your students in the budgeting, saving, and spending-decision process. The eight modules are designed to be completed in order. In addition, there are ten supplemental modules from which to pick and choose, or work through all. These include topics such as renting a pad, gambling, donating, planning retirement, and more. All of these programs are free to all users. To learn more, visit our FoolProof Educators page.

Mad City Money

Mad City Money is a free program that gives high school students a realistic experience with managing a household budget. In this interactive program, students choose a career and a salary, and asked to handle various expenses such as real estate, transportation, child care, credit, savings, vacation, etc. They even have to handle unexpected financial windfalls and unplanned expenses, such as yard sale profits or a broken hot water tank. This program is a favorite of participating high school students and the experience helps kids have fun while they learn.

Student Branch Program

CCU welcomes opportunities to help students become smart consumers and productive members of our communities. This is why we partner with the Greater Southern Tier (GST) BOCES to run the “CCU Student Branch at BOCES,” which is staffed by students and serves GST BOCES faculty, staff, and students. Student tellers receive valuable CCU business training and hands-on work experience and students with accounts benefit by learning to manage a bank account in a safe, secure, and learning-focused environment.

Classroom Speakers

CCU's knowledgeable staff members are available as classroom speakers and have presented on a variety of topics, including: personal finance, Insurance, web design, credit, cyber security, and more. We can even tailor presentations to your curriculum. Contact us to learn more.